If your cart has a water system, it has hot water. The cart produces hot water by passing the hot water line over the burner area, so by running your burners your cart produces hot water.
Most older style carts had a gravity flow system, this means the water tank sat high and the water went thru the lines by gravity alone. Unlike a pressurized system, the water trickled out of the faucet. No big deal, but it meant that the hot water lasted longer because the water flowed so slowly.

Now on all our water systems we have electric pumps, this increases the flow rate to over 1 gallon a minute, the drawback with this is that your hot water comes out quickly and so doesn’t last long because the heat from the burners doesn’t have time to heat the rapidly flowing water thru the hot water line. By simply turning on the water to a trickle, problem solved! Most people however, out of habit forget and turn the faucet on like they would at home and run out of hot water in seconds.

With the optional Continuous hot water shown to the Left, you will have an endless supply of hot water, as this unit heats the water as needed using the propane system already on the cart. If this option is selected at checkout, we install the unit permanently and you will have hot water no matter how much you turn on the faucet. (note: until you run out of water in the 5 gallon tank)

Your choices: You can either turn the faucet onto a trickle and have plenty of hot water or purchase the hot water heater during checkout. Either way you will have hot water.


  1. Constant Temp
  2. No electricity needed
  3. 37,500 BTU output rating
  4. 18 3/4″ tall, 12 1/2″ wide and 5″ deep
  5. Up to 1.5 gallons of hot water per minute
  6. Installed to the on board pump.
  7. Adjustable water temperature from 80-150 degrees F
  8. On / off switch for running water without heat
  9. Operates with 20-80 PSI of water pressure
  10. Minimum flow rate is approximately 1.3 liters per minute
  11. 20 minute auto safety shut off timer
  12. One year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  13. Weighs just 12 lbs
  14. No pilot. Ignition system powered by 2 D cell batteries (not included)

Price : $99 – $219