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It one fell swoop, I lost everything.  I had been hugely successful in the furniture industry and it all came crashing down.  This saved my life and it can yours too.  It can literally transform your entire life before the next mortgage payment or next cart payment or next electric bill is due.

You can learn it all, get started on the right foot, avoid the MISTAKES I made and be on your way in just days.  Can you imagine waking up in two weeks and having a job that you know that is going to bring in $200, $300, $400 THAT DAY!  Well you can and you will if you follow some simple steps that I provide throughout this site.

Here you will find it all, articles, step by step training, links and resources.  You have found the MOST COMPREHENSIVE SITE on the planet about vendors, vending and specifically hot dog carts and operations.

Years of experience and resources crammed inside this little site, just for you.

Your success makes me happy!

What are others saying?

Jump on over to my Facebook page and talk to thousands of people, ask them about the information I provide. Join some blogs, do a search and talk to some of the folks that I have had the pleasure and honor to help get started, to see them become successes.

“There is no other place on the web that is like this!” – Josh  OK

“You make it a better world buddy”  Fred Stumpf  AR

“I’m out slinging Dogs and Lovin it. Thanks for all the help.”  Frank – Washington State

“I wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for you.” Dave Parker  OH

“…motorcycle event… sold 3500 hot dogs, thank you for your advice brother.”  Reuben Roman

You’ll hear more later, but…

I had a plane, a hundred-acre farm, a CXT (the kick buttest truck ever) and a huge home.  All gone, in just a couple of months, I lost everything.  You are probably thinking; “What, this guy didn’t have savings or a backup plan?”   No, I didn’t and yes that was stupid.  I was so busy making money and opening new stores and feeding my ego, I didn’t think it could ever end.

My wife, I and 5 children found ourselves in a 2 bedroom single wide mobile home.  What a humbling experience that was.  I will share more later but the bottom line is – I found hot dogs and the hot dog cart business and I went to town.

Just 7 weeks after getting my first cart, I had 3 carts, bought and paid for from the earnings of the first cart.  There is no magic here, no special alignment of the stars, it all comes down to a few details and the results will be a success!  

No, it’s not for everyone and it does require getting off the couch, but it works and it will make you money.

That’s just five of my nine children.  The young man on the far right was a boyfriend to my daughter.  We have 9 in total, 4 adopted/custody and if we could all fit in a picture, I’d have one.  Nina, in the green shirt, she is in the Army and has been serving now for over 2 years.

Now that you know all there is to gain, come…

browse the site, grab a cup of coffee and get all comfy and start clicking.  You will find training videos, training articles, tips, over 200 blog articles, instructional videos, vendor recipes, stories and more.  LearnHotDogs.com is the largest most comprehensive vendor training site on the planet.  Be sure to START HERE.

Once you are ready…


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