Build A Cart

Build a hot dog cart for under $900! Brought to you by pro cart manufacturer, this course lets you build your own “Cash Cow hot dog cart.” You can build a hot dog cart in less than 2 weeks!

Instructions accommodate YOUR skill level! No matter how experienced or how new, you can build this cart.

No used parts! Build a brand new cart that rivals manufactured carts.

No fancy tools or crazy professional skills needed! We will walk you through the entire build, from parts to finished product.

Customize as needed! Your cart will meet or exceed most state regulations.

When you’re all done, your cart will be able to cook 140 dogs every seven minutes. That’s right, this baby will out-perform even the most seasoned hot dog vendor. Work it at small gatherings and big events. Either way, it’s going to be able to keep up.

Why would a manufacturer provide plans, parts list and video instructions for building a hot dog cart that is just like their top seller?

Well if you know Ben, if you have followed his blogvideos and Facebook page, you know why. Ben loves to help others succeed. He doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body. Although creating this course will ultimately lead to fewer sales of his carts, his goal is and always has been to help others. Ben’s e-mail: [email protected]

Features of your cart:
  • DOT approved trailer/lights/hitch
  • Built in cooler with drain

  • Insulated steam table
  • Hidden propane tank storage

  • On demand hot water heater
  • 5 gallon fresh water tank
  • Commercial sized steam table and a half
  • Real factory style flashing
  • Bread box with dual access
  • Commercial burners
  • 7 gallon waste water tank

  • 12v Electric pressurized hot/cold water system

  • NSF stainless steel top

  • Centered umbrella

For $99, you get:
  • Complete Video Course, step by step guide from assembling your trailer through the final touches and use. Over 8 hours of step by step careful instruction.
  • Access videos on cart operations, from pan sizes and types to cooking on that beautiful new cart.
  • Complete and thorough materials list, you will be able to find all you need to build this cart easily and without spending a fortune.

  • Schematics: Your inspector will love you when you show up with a professional set of schematics for your cart.
  • Free phone and email support just in case you have a question or two.

  • Customization tips for any size trailer or any ideas you have.
  • Skin it in stainless steel the right way.
  • Access to commercial parts for super cheap prices.

What you will not get:
  • False promises. I won’t say this course is going to save you $3200 like others boast, but it will save you over half the money of buying a new manufactured cart. Remember, I don’t like the dishonest and pie in the sky sales pitches.
  • Deceptive marketing. I don’t claim that my course contains special “free” items that are actually publicly available to anyone. Need a resource on towing your cart? The NHTSA publishes a helpful guide:
  • “Smoke up your @&&.” I refuse to ramble on about buying now because the price is going up, or how this will change your life, or any other unrealistic gimmicks.

The bottom line:

If you have decided to get started in the hot dog vending business and you want to build your own cart, then we have the tools for you to get the job done and done right.


Before ordering your build a cart course, we ask that you verify that your state will approve the design and construction. The only state I know of that may be a challenge is North Carolina as they require proof or documentation that the cart was built and its components meet ANSI Standard 59. For more information, watch the training videos by clicking Free Training at the top of the page. You can email [email protected] for a copy of the design and construction listing. All food contact areas, if built as described, will meet and exceed Standard 59.