Three people have forfeited their deposits on 4 catering and hot dog carts.  This gives you a one time huge deal on hot dog carts and catering carts because you get to use their deposits.  (Approximately $2300 in total savings available)

4 CARTS UP FOR GRABS (First Come – First Serve Basis Only)

You can take advantage of this if you’re quick.  I’ve taken the amount of forfeited deposits and turned it into coupons that you can use on the particular cart it was originally paid towards.

NOTE: Use coupons below on the specific cart listed – cart can be ordered as you require, but coupons can not be used on other carts or purchases.

(apply the coupon during checkout by entering the code below into coupon code field on the checkout page prior to payment)

Cater Pro Cart – Coupon Code: pro1     Discount: $459.90   (3 available)
Stand King – Coupon Code: stand1       Discount: $997.90   (1 available)

Coupons expire upon use or on 12/31/2016 (whichever comes first). All sales are final, first come, first served basis.  If you are a Vendors United member, you can use your additional coupon code found in the member’s area at the top of the page for extra savings.  If you are not a member but would like to join so that you get additional discounts on your purchase, please go here to learn more.