Can I Make A Deposit Only?

Yes. If you are planning on picking up your cart in person; you can make a deposit online and pay the balance in cash during pickup. This means real cash, little pieces of greenish paper with dead presidents pictures on them. 🙂

To make a deposit, click add to cart on the products you like. During checkout you will see a box for coupon code, in this box type: deposit

This will update your order showing the amount owed discounted off and the amount to pay now in the total block. Of course if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

* We do not accept checks, money orders, cashiers checks or credit cards when picking up. Credit cards are accepted when the balance is below $300 only!

If you have already made a deposit and need to pay the balance by credit card before picking up, please click here, change the amount shown to the amount you owe and process the order. You will receive a receipt immediately via email.